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List Of Virginia Civil War Units - Cavalry Units (PACS) - Cavalry Regiments
1st Virginia Cavalry (Jones') 2nd Virginia Cavalry (Munford's) 3rd Virginia Cavalry 4th Virginia Cavalry (Black Horse Regiment) 5th Virginia Cavalry 6th ...
Cavalry Regiments Of The British Army - History - Early Regiments
3rd Troops of Horse Guards and the Royal Regiment of Horse some of these had been raised in exile and some as part of the New Model Army ... By the start of the eighteenth century, the cavalry establishment had been divided into household and line units ... Grenadier Guards, while the regular establishment was composed of nine regiments of Horse and eight of Dragoons ...
Cavalry Regiments Of The British Army - History - Twentieth Century - Mechanisation
... as the 11th Hussars became the first regular cavalry regiment to "mechanise", to change from a horsed cavalry role to a motorised one, re-equipping with armoured cars previously used by the ... Other regiments followed suit in April 1939, the Royal Armoured Corps was formed to encompass the eighteen mechanised cavalry regiments of the line alongside the eight battalions of the Royal Tank ... The remaining two regular cavalry regiments were based in Palestine, and following the outbreak of war retained their horses until 1940 (the Royal ...
Coats Of Arms Of U.S. Cavalry Regiments
... Coats of arms of US Cavalry regiments are heraldic emblems associated with cavalry regiments in the US Army ... Under Army Regulation 840-10, each regiment and separate table of organization and equipment (TOE) battalion of the US Army is authorized a coat of arms to be displayed ... Below are galleries of the coats of arms of US Army cavalry regiments ...
Household Cavalry Composite Regiment
... The Household Cavalry Composite Regiment was a temporary, wartime-only, cavalry regiment of the British Army consisting of personnel drawn from the 1st Life Guards, 2nd Life Guards and Royal Horse ... it had a war establishment of seventeen cavalry regiments - five cavalry brigades of three regiments each, and two regiments which would be broken up to serve as reconnaissance squadrons, one per division ... The peacetime establishment in the United Kingdom was nineteen cavalry regiments - sixteen line regiments, and the three regiments of the Household Cavalry ...

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