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Tobu 8000 Series - History - Production
... The first 8000 series appeared in November 1963 as 4-car sets ... These were joined from December 1964 by 2-car sets (formed MoHa8500 + KuHa8600) ... and 1972, 14 pairs of additional intermediate cars (SaHa8700 + MoHa8800) were built and inserted into 4-car sets 8101 to 8114 to lengthen them to six cars ...
Tobu 10000 Series - 10030 Series - Formations - 10-car Sets
... Car No. 11030 ... The M1 and M4 cars are each fitted with two scissors type pantographs ... Some former 4- and 6-car sets have been modified as permanently coupled 10-car sets for use on the Tojo Line ...
E531 Series
... Trains are formed in 10-car (set numbers K-401 onward) and 5-car (set numbers K-451 onward) sets. 15-car formations are generally run between Ueno and Tsuchiura. 10- and 5-car sets operate singly north of Tsuchiura, and 5-car sets are used on the Mito Line ...
Tobu 10000 Series - 10000 Series
10000 series sets were also introduced on the Isesaki Line from 20 March 1984 ... steel body design was based on the prototype 9000 series set built in 1981, while the front end design was derived from the earlier 8000 series EMUs ... to the standard light green colour used on sets built from 1986 ...
British Rail Class 222 - Operations - Midland Region
... Seven of the sets were nine car Class 222 Meridians which intended for an enhanced London St Pancras to Leeds service, but after the trains had been ordered, the ... The nine-car Meridians were used on London-Nottingham and some London-Sheffield services ... the number of first class passengers and the four-car Meridians had less standard-class seating than the three-car Turbostars they replaced ...

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