Captain Shuggazoom

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List Of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Characters - Allies - Captain Shuggazoom
... Sleep Cannon in reverse polarity, it's revealed that the old man was Captain Shuggazoom, previous defender of Shuggazoom City whose secret identity was the wealthy Billionaire Playboy ... Malicious, who was armed with the Magna Ball-Blazer, Captain Shuggazoom returned the weapon to its creator and personal friend, The Alchemist ... As Captain Shuggazoom asked if his Silver Monkey was complete, The Alchemist, who was accompanied by the Monkey Team before cyberization, warned ...
List Of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Characters - Allies - The Alchemist
... The Alchemist was also the close friend of Captain Shuggazoom, Shuggazoom city's previous defender who tried to warn him of the looming threat of the Dark ... Captain Shuggazoom asked was it dangerous to have an open portal to Netherworld functional, the Alchemist reassured him by saying that the Containment Grid surrounding the portal was completely impenetrable ... As Captain Shuggazoom left to respond to a distress call, Mandarin damaged the containment grid, releasing a gigantic hand that grabbed and attacked the Alchemist, as well as unleash a ...

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