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Luigi Pasinetti - Theoretical Contributions - The Controversy On The Theory of Capital
... in the 1960s, Pasinetti joined what has become known in economic literature as the controversy on capital theory between the two Cambridges i.e ... Controversies over the nature and importance of capital were not new ... the early 20th century, the economist John Bates Clark, in an effort to refute Marx’s surplus theory, suggested that wages and profits (or rather interest, as they were called by ...

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    By the “mud-sill” theory it is assumed that labor and education are incompatible; and any practical combination of them impossible. According to that theory, a blind horse upon a tread-mill, is a perfect illustration of what a laborer should be—all the better for being blind, that he could not tread out of place, or kick understandingly.... Free labor insists on universal education.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    There was a sound of revelry by night,
    And Belgium’s capital had gathered then
    Her beauty and her chivalry, and bright
    The lamps shone o’er fair women and brave men;
    A thousand hearts beat happily; and when
    Music arose with its voluptuous swell,
    Soft eyes looked love to eyes which spake again,
    And all went merry as a marriage-bell;
    But hush! hark! a deep sound strikes like a rising knell!
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)