Cape Parrot

The Cape Parrot (Poicephalus robustus) or Levaillant's Parrot is a large, temperate forest dwelling Poicephalus parrot endemic to South Africa. It has 2 subspecies which may be considered distinct species, the savanna dwelling Brown-necked Parrot (ssp. fuscicollis) and Grey-headed Parrot (ssp. suahelicus).

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Cape Parrot - Conservation Status
3.1, which uses the Birdlife International checklist, lumps the common and widespread Grey-headed Parrot with Cape Parrots and Brown-necked Parrots, each of which are more narrowly distributed and ... robustus, as Endangered and possible threatened status of the Brown-headed Parrot of West Africa ... There are only about 400 in the wild, and the Cape Parrot Project is trying to save them ...

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    A solitary traveler whom we saw perambulating in the distance loomed like a giant. He appeared to walk slouchingly, as if held up from above by straps under his shoulders, as much as supported by the plain below. Men and boys would have appeared alike at a little distance, there being no object by which to measure them. Indeed, to an inlander, the Cape landscape is a constant mirage.
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