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In an interview with Game On! magazine, Capcom's then-research and development head Noritaka Funamizu stated that Cammy's inclusion in Super Street Fighter II stemmed from his feeling that the game needed another female character besides Chun-Li.

Cammy is a fighter with a slender build, strengthened by her highly muscular tone. She has long blonde hair she usually wears in two braided pigtails, blue eyes and a scar on her left cheek. She first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, where she is shown wearing a green sleeveless thong leotard, a red beret, red gloves and black boots. She also wears green camouflage stains on her legs. This incarnation is known as Delta Red Cammy and appears in the Street Fighter II series of games, in other games such as Cannon Spike, in the live action movie, in the American animated series, in several manga and comic book adaptations, in the home versions of Street Fighter IV and in Super Street Fighter IV. Delta Red Cammy is approximately 19 years old.

A different look was introduced in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. This time, Cammy was depicted wearing a light blue outfit which was part thong leotard and part turtleneck sweater, a matching garrison cap, red gloves and armbraces, brown leather boots, and a yellow necktie. The camouflage of her legs was replaced with blue stains in the shape of lightning bolts. This incarnation is known as Shadaloo Cammy and appears in the Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. SNK series of games, as well as in Namco X Capcom and in several manga and comic adaptations. Shadaloo Cammy is approximately 16 years old.

In Street Fighter IV, in addition to the Delta Red attire, her default, Cammy has an alternate appearance which is reminiscent of the Shadaloo version. This consists of her wearing a blue zipped-up fleece thong leotard with matching knee-high boots with woolen trim, a Delta Red garrison cap, midnight blue gloves and armbraces, and blue camouflage on her legs. In the consecutive Super Street Fighter IV, she gains an additional alternate costume based on M.Bison's, mostly by its red color and the similarly-shaped hat and accessories. However, she still wears a thong leotard and camouflage paint on her legs.

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