Calorie Restriction

Caloric restriction (CR), or calorie restriction, is a dietary regimen that restricts calorie intake, where the baseline for the restriction varies, usually being the previous, unrestricted, intake of the subjects. CR without malnutrition is one of the few dietary interventions shown to increase both median and maximum lifespan in a variety of species, among them yeast, fish, rodents and dogs. There has never been a sufficiently powered, long-term, randomized clinical trial of CR in humans, so we cannot know whether or not CR prolongs human life. The longest running scientific study of CR in primates was begun at University of Wisconsin in 1989; as of 2012 that study is ongoing and results are periodically published. A study of Rhesus Monkeys begun in 1987 by the National Institute on Aging published results in August 2012 that found evidence of health benefits, but did not demonstrate increased median lifespan. Research on maximum life span in that study is still ongoing.

Calorie restriction is a feature of several dietary regimens, including the Okinawa diet and the CRON-diet.

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    If we can find a principle to guide us in the handling of the child between nine and eighteen months, we can see that we need to allow enough opportunity for handling and investigation of objects to further intellectual development and just enough restriction required for family harmony and for the safety of the child.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Upscale people are fixated with food simply because they are now able to eat so much of it without getting fat, and the reason they don’t get fat is that they maintain a profligate level of calorie expenditure. The very same people whose evenings begin with melted goat’s cheese ... get up at dawn to run, break for a mid-morning aerobics class, and watch the evening news while racing on a stationary bicycle.
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