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CDK-activating Kinase - Catalytic Activity
... In the second step, CAK must phosphorylate the cylin-Cdk complex on the threonine residue 160, which is located in the Cdk activation segment ... to be free of Cdk inhibitor proteins (CKIs) and associated with cyclins in order to be activated, CAK activity is considered to be indirectly regulated by cyclins ... a reversible modification used to change enzyme activity in different conditions ...
CDK-activating Kinase - Orthologs
... CAK varies dramatically in different species ... In vertebrates and Drosophilia, CAK is a trimeric protein complex consisting of Cdk7 (a Cdk-related protein kinase), cyclinH, and Mat1 ... The CAK trimer can be phosphorylated on the activation segment of Cdk7 subunit ...

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