Caer Dathyl

Caer Dathyl was a Welsh fortress in Arfon in northern Gwynedd referred to in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi, the Tale of Math fab Mathonwy. Its precise location is currently unknown and has been the subject of speculation. In the tale, it is the seat of Math's court to which Gwydion ap Don takes the hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

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The Book Of Three - Plot Summary
... The youth Taran lives at Caer Dallben with his guardians, the ancient enchanter Dallben and the farmer and retired soldier Coll ... other than Gwydion, the crown prince in Prydain's ruling House of Dôn, who has been traveling to Caer Dallben to consult Hen Wen himself ... Gwydion surmises that their target will be Caer Dathyl far to the north, the home castle of the House of Don ...
High King Math - Overview
... When King Pryderi arrives at Caer Dathyl and reveals that he has aligned himself with Arawn and vows to succeed in achieving peace, where the Sons of Don failed ... forces, along with Arawn's Cauldron-Born warriors, launch an assault upon Caer Dathyl ... their battering rams on the walls of Caer Dathyl, turning the once proud capital into a heap of rubble ...