Cab Signalling - Typology of Cab Signalling Systems

Typology of Cab Signalling Systems

Intermittent, single-aspect Intermittent, multi-aspect Continuous
Great Western Railway, UK (Reading-London 1910, all mainlines by 1930) Indusi I-60R (1960), I-90 (Alcatel 6641) Pennsylvania Railroad pulse code system, Lewistown test installation (1923); Main Lines (including Northeast Corridor) (1930s), speed enforcement capabilities added in 1950s
Trip-stops: New York City Subway, systemwide (current); MBTA Red Line (1970s) General Railway Signal (GRS) automatic train stop (ATS) system deployed on Chicago & North Western (CNW), Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF), and New York Central (NYC) – installed circa 1930-1940
British Rail AWS (Automatic Warning System) British Rail TPWS (Train Protection & Warning System) Audio-Frequency Track Circuit systems installed on Newark City Subway, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (New Jersey)
Indusi for Ottawa's O-Train, Early German Indusi PZB and I-54 (1954) Bulgaria Alcatel 6413 Pennsylvania Railroad/Long Island Rail Road's Automatic Speed Control (1953); Amtrak's Shore Line East implementation in 1997 uses ACSES which has the PRR pulse codes at its core; Metro-North Railroad and New Jersey Transit Rail Operations both implemented similar systems.
Magnetic Train Stops on the River Line (New Jersey Transit) India Ansaldo Pilot London Underground Victoria Line (PRR derivative system)
SNCF's KVB classic line—KVB = Contrôle de Vitesse par Balises (Beacon-based Speed Control) SNCF's TGV uses TVM-300 and TVM-430, which are track-circuit based. TVM = Transmission Voie-Machine (Track-Train Communication)
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA, 1980-1990s), Washington Metro automatic train operation (ATO), PATCO's ATO (1969), BART's ATO (1975) all use some variation of coded track circuit systems for cab signalling and automatic train control with speed enforcement.
Florida East Coast Railway uses a cab signal system with speed enforcement on its main line
All post-Soviet "Metros" use ALS-ARS (Automatic Locomotion Signaling with Automatic Regulation of Speed = Автоматическая локомотивная сигнализация с автоматическим регулированием скорости)

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