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Greenland Field Studies

1980s photogrammetrist Henry Brecher conducted aerial photographic surveys of major Greenland's glaciers.

1990s Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson obtained ice cores from multiple locations, including GITS. Dr. Ken Jezek conducted radar studies in Greenland's accumulation and ablation zone. In 1995, Ken Jezek was at Swiss Camp.

2005 Jason Box assists Konrad Steffen in automatic weather station maintenance at Swiss Camp and sites that comprise the Greenland Climate Network. Jason Box returns to Greenland to: 1.) obtains an ice core from a position in southeast Greenland where the Polar MM5 model simulates a maximum in snow accumulation, 2.) installs time lapse cameras pointed at two outlet glaciers, and 3.) conducts supra-glacial melt lake measurements.

2007 In June, 2007, Jason Box establishes time lapse cameras beside 5 major west Greenland outlet glaciers. In July-September, Jason Box prepares for and occupies a camp near the Arctic Circle for 7 weeks during which time he conducts surface energy budget (melt) and supra-glacial melt lake measurements.

2008 During a 3 week field campaign, Jason Box, Ian Howat, Slawek Tulaczyk, and Yushin Ahn conduct measurements of Store Glacier, west Greenland. Dr. Ian Howat installed GPS sensors on Store Glacier in west Greenland.

2009 Jason Box installed time lapse cameras at Petermann Glacier in anticipation of a large area loss that eventually did occur August, 2010.

2010 April-May, 2010, Jason Box co-led a 750 km Arctic Circle Traverse across the southern Greenland ice sheet to obtain 3 ice cores and snow radar data to study spatial and temporal patterns of snowfall rates.

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