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Diving Weighting System - Function and Use of Weights - Trim
... gravity of the diver is directly below the position of the centre of buoyancy (centroid of volume) ... The position of the centre of buoyancy is largely beyond the control of the diver, though the cylinder(s) may be shifted in the harness by a small amount, and the volume distribution of the buoyancy compensator ... hips on a weight belt, or in weight pockets provided in the buoyancy compensator jacket or harness for this purpose ...
Glossary Of SCUBA Diving - B
... barotrauma Injury caused by pressure difference basket see diving stage BC BCD see buoyancy compensator beach master see also dive marshal A person ... safety of each other, and give assistance if the other gets into difficulty buoyancy compensator also BC, BCD, buoyancy compensator device, ABLJ, horse collar, stabilisor jacket, stab jacket or wing ...
Sidemount - Equipment - Buoyancy Compensator
... BAT wing configuration The buoyancy and trim wing system uses a buoyancy compensator air cell behind the harness, attached at top and bottom ends to the harness, and with an elastic ... Buoyancy of the cell is usually concentrated in the lower part of the wing to correspond to the centre of mass of the diver, so that trim changes are minimised with ...
Diver Rescue - Rescue Activities - Bringing The Casualty To The Surface
... by the casualty's lack of gas to inflate the buoyancy compensator to become buoyant at the start of the ascent and later, at the surface ... pace with the rescuer until, with the drop in ambient pressure, the gas already inside buoyancy devices such as the buoyancy compensator or diving suit, expands and provides sufficient buoyancy ... the casualty buoyant include inflate the casualty's buoyancy compensator to lift off the seabed, then vent it to make a controlled ascent ...

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    She keeps
    The Topic over intellectual deeps
    In buoyancy afloat. They see no ghost.
    With sparkling surface-eyes we ply the ball:
    It is in truth a most contagious game:
    Hiding the Skeleton, shall be its name.
    George Meredith (1828–1909)