Bunt (baseball)

Bunt (baseball)

A bunt is a special type of offensive technique in baseball or fastpitch softball. In a bunt play, the batter loosely holds the bat in front of the plate and intentionally taps the ball into play.

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Bunt (baseball) - History
... It is impossible to say exactly when the buntwas introduced into baseball but the offensive technique now known as the buntwas almost certainly invented by one of the sport's most famous early ... The buntwas not common until the 1880s, and was not an accepted part of baseballstrategy until the 20th century ... The bunthas enjoyed periodic waves of acceptance and use throughout baseballhistory, coinciding with the periodic shifts of dominance between pitching and hitting ...

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    Listen, son. You and I are professionals. If the manager says sacrifice, we lay down a bunt and let somebody else hit the homeruns.
    Frank W. Wead (1895?–1947)