Bungee may refer to:

  • Bungee cord, also called shock cord, an engineered stretchable cord
  • Bungee jumping, an adventure sport
  • Bungee language or Bungi creole, and its related population, existing mainly along the north-south trade routes of Manitoba, Canada
  • Bungee chair, a type of office or lounge chair made with bungee cords

Other articles related to "bungee":

Bungee Chair
... A bungee chair is a chair that has bungee cords or bands incorporated in its assembly ... the seating and back portions of the chair are made with bungee ... Bungee chairs are noted for their distinctive style and form ...
List Of American Gladiators Events - Snapback (1994–1996)
... faced two Gladiators, with all attached to bungee cords ... hung from the ceiling of the arena, and the contender's object was to use the bungee cord to run to the cylinder, grab it, and bring it back and deposit it in a ... In this event, each contender is connected by a bungee cord to a Gladiator, who stands on a platform overlooking the end of a 50-foot (15 m)-long lane ...
Bungee Trampoline
... A bungee trampoline (also known as a bungy trampoline) is an attraction at many fairs, vacation resorts and several summer camps ... There are many different designs of bungee trampolines, but most operate in the same fashion ... puts on a climbing harness and is then hooked to several bungee ropes ...
Bridge Day - Bungee Jumping
... The first bungee jumper leapt from the bridge during the 1992 Bridge Day ... More bungee jumpers leapt during the 1993 Bridge Day however, injuries sustained during a mass bungee jump that year prompted the banning of bungee jumping at Bridge Day ...