BTR may refer to:

  • BTR plc, formerly BTR Industries, one of the predecessor companies of Invensys plc
  • BTR Aerospace Group
  • BTR Industries
  • BTR-EMS-AKG Janakeeya Vedi, a political group in India
  • Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (airport code)
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (Amtrak railroad station code)
  • Be the Reds!, a Korean football slogan
  • Big Tent Revival, a Christian rock band
  • Big Time Rush, a Nickelodeon television series
    • Big Time Rush (band), a musical group created by Nickelodeon for the TV series
    • B.T.R. (album), the debut album of the group
    • Big Time Rush (Big Time Rush song)
  • Blog Talk Radio
  • B.T.R., a Bulgarian rock band
  • Born to Run, a rock album by Bruce Springsteen; or the album's title track, "Born to Run"
  • British Tape Recorders, by Electric and Musical Industries Ltd (EMI)
  • British Thomson-Houston (former name BTR)
  • B. T. Ranadive, an Indian communist leader
  • Ruf BTR
Armored Personnel carriers
  • BTR (vehicle) (Bronetransportyor, literally "armoured transporter"), Soviet/post-Soviet military armoured personnel carriers:


  • BTR-40 armoured 4×4 truck (1950s)
  • BTR-40P, another name for the BRDM-1
  • BTR-40PB, another name for the BRDM-2
  • BTR-50 tracked APC (1950s)
  • BTR-60 eight-wheeled APC (1960s)
  • BTR-70 eight-wheeled APC (1970s)
  • BTR-80 eight-wheeled APC (1980s)
  • BTR-90 Russian eight-wheeled APC (1990s)
  • BTR-152 armoured 6×6 truck (1950s)
  • BTR-D is a variant of the BMD-1 airborne fighting vehicle
  • BTR-T Russian tracked infantry fighting vehicle based on the T-55 tank chassis (1990s)


  • BTR-3U BTR-80 based eight-wheeled APC (2000)
  • BTR-4 Another BTR-80 bases eight-wheeled APC (2006)
  • BTR-94 Ukrainian BTR-80 with twin 23-mm guns

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List Of Equipment Of The Russian Ground Forces - Vehicles - Personnel Carriers
... Name Type Quantity Origin Notes BTR-90 Armoured personnel carrier ~80 Russia Further orders cancelled in 2011 due to not meeting new army requirements ... Development of a new BTR in progress, likely as part of Unified Combat Platform program ... BTR-82/A Armoured personnel carrier 210 Russia Improved version and mid-term replacement of BTR-80/A ...
... The BTR-3 is an 8×8-wheeled armored personnel carrier was designed by Adcom Manufacturing from UAE in 2000/2001 and manufactured by KMDB in Ukraine ... of exports was to the Myanmar Army which acquired 1,000 BTR-3Us, to be assembled in Myanmar ... The BTR-3U is not an upgrade of the BTR-80 and is a new vehicle similar to the Soviet design ...
Libyan Army (1951–2011) - Equipment - Tanks
540 BTR-50 and BTR-60s were also reported by the IISS ... battle tank 150 T-72 350 T-62 450 T-54/55 Armored personnel carrier 100 EE-11 Urutu 40 M-113 ? BTR-80 750 BTR-60 100 BTR-50 200 BRDM-2 50 OT-64 SKOT 200 Fiat 6614 ...