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Trimerorhachis - Paleobiology - Brooding
... The young of the Gastric-brooding frog of Australia are comparable in size to those of Trimerorhachis but are brooded in the stomach rather than the throat ... The number of brooded young in Darwin's Frog and the Gastric-brooding frog is also much higher than that of Trimerorhachis, as only a few individuals can be distinguished in the collection ... although it does so through ovovivipary rather than brooding ...
Northern Gastric-brooding Frog (R. Vitellinus) - Ecology and Behaviour
... The Northern Gastric-brooding Frog was only recorded in pristine rainforests where the only form of human disturbance was poorly defined walking tracks ... As with the Southern Gastric-brooding Frog, the Northern Gastric-brooding Frog was also a largely aquatic species ... Male Northern Gastric-brooding Frogs call from the water's edge during summer ...
Birds Of The Danube Delta - Brooding Birds
... The species of brooding birds occurring in the Danube Delta were classified into 12 main biotopes, the classification criterion being represented by the ... As to their dynamics, the brooding birds include 44 sedentary species and 132 migratory ones ...
Birds Of The Danube Delta - Non-brooding Birds
... The species of non-brooding deltaic birds were classified into the biotopes they visit while resting on the Danube Delta's territory and they are connected to by the way these biotopes are providing ... The non-brooding species include 35 winter species visit the Danube Delta only in winter 46 passage species which cross the delta's territory only in spring and ...
Gastric-brooding Frog
... The gastric-brooding frogs or Platypus frogs (Rheobatrachus) were a genus of ground-dwelling frogs native to Queensland in eastern Australia ... The combined ranges of the gastric-brooding frogs comprised less than 2,000 square kilometres (770 sq mi) ... The causes of the gastric-brooding frogs' extinction are not clearly understood, but habitat loss and degradation, pollution, and some diseases may have ...

More definitions of "brooding":

  • (noun): Persistent morbid meditation on a problem.
    Synonyms: pensiveness
  • (noun): Sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body.
    Synonyms: incubation

Famous quotes containing the word brooding:

    They raise their minds by brooding over and embellishing their sufferings, from one degree of fervid exaltation and dreary greatness to another, till at length they run amuck entirely, and whoever meets them would do well to run them thro’ the body.
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)