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Davy Jones (Pirates Of The Caribbean) - Fictional Character Biography - Background
... See also Tia Dalma, Brethren Court, and Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest Davy Jones was born in Scotland nothing is known about his youth ... Enraged and heartbroken, Jones turned the Pirate Brethren against her, saying that if she were removed from the world, they would be able to claim the seas for themselves ... They assembled in the First Brethren Court and Jones taught them how to imprison her into her human bonds (Tia Dalma) the Court agreed with him to ...
List Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Characters - Supporting Characters - Sao Feng
... Barbossa explains that the Brethren Court has been summoned to convene on Shipwreck Cove and Feng, being one of the nine Pirate Lords, is honor bound to attend ... He tells Elizabeth it was the first Brethren Court who imprisoned the sea goddess, Calypso, in human form ... of eight", a jade stone on a necklace, telling her that she must take his place at the Brethren Court ...
List Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Characters - Minor Characters - Captain Teague
... respect and fear from all of the pirates in the Brethren Court ... kill anyone who claims otherwise, which happens in the film when, at the Brethren Court, the first mate of the Pirate Lord of India says to "Hang the code" (c ... Teague was at one of the three previous meetings of the Brethren Court (he seems to have an awareness of how the meetings go), or has fought in a battle or war of the like that the current ...
List Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Characters - Minor Characters - Brethren Court
... The Brethren Court comprises nine pirate lords from the different seas ... The First Court met when they mutually agreed that the goddess, Calypso, should no longer rule the seas and oceans ... Many years later, the Fourth Court meets to address Lord Cutler Beckett's assault on piracy ...
Tia Dalma - Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End
... when it is learned that both are Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court ... to use her powers against the current court in revenge for the original turning her into a human ... fully freed, Will tells her that it was Davy Jones who betrayed her by revealing to the first Brethren Court how to bind her into her human form, enraging her ...

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    As to “Don Juan,” confess ... that it is the sublime of that there sort of writing; it may be bawdy, but is it not good English? It may be profligate, but is it not life, is it not the thing? Could any man have written it who has not lived in the world? and tooled in a post-chaise? in a hackney coach? in a Gondola? against a wall? in a court carriage? in a vis a vis? on a table? and under it?
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction ... do not all men try to abate the price of all they buy? I contend that a bargain even between brethren is a declaration of war.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)