Breeze or The Breeze can refer to:

  • Sea breeze, an onshore afternoon wind, caused by warm air rising over the land in sunny weather

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List Of Empire Ships (B) - Suffix Beginning With B - Empire Breeze
... Empire Breeze was a 7,457 GRT cargo ship which was built by J L Thompson Sons Ltd, Sunderland ... Empire Breeze was anchored off Cresswell and later taken to Sunderland for repairs ... Empire Breeze was torpedoed on 25 August 1942 and sunk by U-438 at 49°22′N 35°52′W / 49.367°N 35.867°W / 49.367 -35.867 while a member of Convoy ON 122 ...
Catch The Breeze (song)
... The Catch the Breeze single is the cut down version of the Holding Our Breath EP by English shoegazing band Slowdive released in 1991 by Creation Records ... Hip-hop artist Lil B sampled 'Catch the Breeze' on the song 'Open Thunder Eternal Slumber' taken from his 2011 album I'm Gay ...
Lift (soaring) - Convergence Zones
... These can occur in sea breezes or in desert regions ... A sea-breeze (or onshore breeze) is a wind from the sea that develops over land near coasts ... In a sea-breeze front, cold air from the sea meets the warmer air from the land and creates a boundary like a shallow cold front along a shear line ...
A Day In The Life Of Jody Breeze
... A Day in the Life of Jody Breeze is the debut album by Boyz n da Hood's member Jody Breeze, released in 2005 ... Jody Breeze said in 2008 that he's going to re-release the album with the same title ...

Famous quotes containing the word breeze:

    By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
    Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
    Here once the embattled farmers stood
    And fired the shot heard round the world.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)