Breeding Season

The breeding season is the most suitable season, usually with favourable conditions and abundant food and water, for breeding among some wild animals and birds (wildlife). Species with a breeding season have naturally evolved to have sexual intercourse during a certain time of year in order to achieve the best reproductive success. Different species of wild animal and birds have different breeding seasons according to their particular habitat requirements and food availability. Abiotic factors such as the timing of seasonal rains and winds can also play an important role in breeding onset and success.(C.Michael Hogan. 2010)

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Perognathus Longimembris Pacificus - Reproduction
... There is relatively little information on the breeding biology of the Pacific pocket mouse ... Generally, the breeding season for the Pacific pocket mouse is the months April through July, peaking in the spring ... But, the breeding season can vary due to a few factors ...
Chukar - Behaviour and Ecology
... In the non-breeding season, Chukar Partridge are found in small coveys of 10 or more (up to 50) birds ... and travel up to 4.8 km to obtain water during the dry season ... The breeding season is summer ...
Long-tailed Ground Roller - Ecology and Behavior - Reproduction
... The breeding season coincides with the rainy season, which lasts from October to January ... During the breeding season this species abandons its solitary habits to find a mate, with which it remains monogamous ... Males form territories during the breeding season, and they defend their area with territorial calls ...
Montane Widowbird
... difference between male and female appearance is prominent during breeding season ... In breeding season males molt into a black breeding plumage including long tail feathers and yellow shoulder patches (these patches have a discrete ... Outside breeding season male and female appearance is similar, they are both speckled brown and black ...
Breeding Season - Communal Breeding
... Many species breed in colonies or large communities which is known as communal breeding ... large congregations of these species in particular favourable locations in their breeding seasons ... These breeding colonies and their location are generally protected by wildlife conservation laws to keep the species from going extinct ...

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