Brave Orchid

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No Name Woman - Themes and Analysis - At The Western Palace - Brave Orchid: Feminist?
... is one of the only chapters in which Brave Orchid slanders her husband for being sexist, saying ““When your father lived in China, he refused to eat pastries because he didn’t want to ... which may have something to do with Brave Orchid’s anger towards men in general ... Brave Orchid even cites that the role of a wife is to “scold her husband into becoming a good man” ...
No Name Woman - Themes and Analysis - At The Western Palace - Language
... Moon Orchid is especially sensitive to Brave Orchids’ children’s accents, and Brave Orchid has trouble communicating with the receptionist in the doctor’s office ... In this chapter, however, sensitivity to language is used as a metaphor for Moon Orchid’s decline into insanity ... When she claims that Mexican Ghosts are after her, Brave Orchid immediately recognizes it as farce, because Moon Orchid cannot understand English, let alone Spanish ...

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