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Herta Bothe - At Bergen-Belsen
... Once in the camp Bothe supervised a female wood brigade of 60 women prisoners ... Bothe also stood out from other Aufseherinnen because, while most of the SS women wore black jackboots, she was in ordinary civilian shoes ... Bothe was arrested and taken to a jail at Celle ...
Coincidence Circuit - History - Bothe, 1924
... In his Nobel Prize lecture, Bothe described how he had implemented the coincidence method in an experiment on Compton scattering in 1924 ... Bothe used two point discharge counters connected to separate fibre electrometers and recorded the fibre deflections on a moving photographic film ...
Hans-Werner Bothe
... Hans-Werner Bothe (born September 23, 1952 in Langelsheim, near Goslar) is a German philosopher and neurosurgeon ... Bothe is founder of the recent field of research on Neurobionics ...
Arnold Flammersfeld - Internal Reports
... und Energietönung bei der Uranspaltung G-26 (24 September 1940) Walther Bothe and Arnold Flammersfeld Die Wirkungsquerschnitte von 38 für thermische Neutronen aus Diffusionsmessungen G ... G-69 (26 May 1941) Walther Bothe and Arnold Flammersfeld Die Neutronenvermehrung bei schnellen und langsamen Neutronen in 38 und die Diffusionslänge in 38 Metall ...
Walther Bothe - Career - Post WW II
... In 1949, its control was returned to Bothe ... During 1956 and 1957, Bothe was a member of the Arbeitskreis Kernphysik (Nuclear Physics Working Group) of the Fachkommission II "Forschung und Nachwuchs" (Com ... Essentially, Walther Bothe's Institut für Physik at the Max-Planck Institut für medizinische Forschung, in Heidelberg, was to be spun off to become a full ...

Famous quotes containing the word bothe:

    I wol nat lye;
    A man shal winne us best with flaterye;
    And with attendance, and with bisinesse,
    Been we ylymed, bothe more and lesse.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    Ther nis no werkman, whatsoevere he be,
    That may bothe werke wel and hastily.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340–1400)