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Boston Police Strike - Strike
... On September 9, Boston Police Department officers went on strike at 545 p.m. 100 members of the state's Metropolitan Park Police Department to replace the striking officers, but 58 of them refused to participate and were suspended from their jobs ... to Mayor Peters and Governor Coolidge, Boston had little police protection for the night of September 9 ...
City Hall Security - Merger
... Menino organized a merger of the Boston Police and the Boston Municipal police (which was really not a "merger" in the true sense of the word the so-called "merger" was actually an opportunity granted to the ... This prompted protest from the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association ... This is in contrary to the fact that all Municipal Police Officers have the same exact training as Boston Police Officers ...
City Hall Security - Jurisdiction
... The Municipal police patrol officers had jurisdiction city wide and were sworn Special Police Officers under Boston Police Department Rule 400A with full ... Now as the Boston Municipal Protective Service, the officers are limited to patrolling specific "sites" located throughout the City, but still hold full police powers and ... Their authority is derived from the Boston Police Commissioner ...
Boston Police Strike
... In the Boston Police Strike, the Boston police rank and file went out on strike on September 9, 1919, in order to achieve recognition for their trade union and improvements in wages and working conditions ... They faced an implacable opponent in Police Commissioner Edwin Upton Curtis, who denied that police officers had any right to form a union, much less one affiliated with a ... Attempts at reconciliation between the Commissioner and the police officers, particularly on the part of Boston's Mayor Andrew James Peters, failed ...
Edwin Upton Curtis - Biography - Career - Police Commissioner
... Curtis was appointed as the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department by Governor Samuel McCall ... In 1919, in response to rumors that policemen of the Boston Police Department planned to form a union, Curtis issued a statement denying that police officers had any ... In August of that year, the AFL issued a charter to the Boston Police Union ...

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