Blast Wave

A blast wave in fluid dynamics is the pressure and flow resulting from the deposition of a large amount of energy in a small very localised volume. The flow field can be approximated as a lead shock wave, followed by a 'self-similar' subsonic flow field. In simpler terms, a blast wave is an area of pressure expanding supersonically outward from an explosive core. It has a leading shock front of compressed gases. The blast wave is followed by a blast wind of negative pressure, which sucks items back in towards the center. The blast wave is harmful especially when one is very close to the center or at a location of constructive interference. High explosives, which detonate, generate blast waves.

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Effects Of Nuclear Explosions - Direct Effects - Thermal Radiation
... On clear days, these injuries can occur well beyond blast ranges, depending on weapon yield ... radiation, but the following high winds due to the blast wave may put out almost all such fires, unless the yield is very high, where the range of thermal effects vastly out ... This is because the intensity of the blast effects drops off with the third power of distance from the explosion, while the intensity of radiation effects drops off with the ...
Bombsuit - Protection
... However, the suits did not offer much protection against the blast wave itself ... The most recognized injury due to the blast wave is called “blast lung.” The lungs (and other internal organs) can be injured by the blast wave and bleed, even when there is no ... that textile and rigid plate armor by themselves do not protect the lungs from blast injury ...
Blast Wave - Applications - Research
... Blast waves are generated in research environments using explosive or compressed-gas driven shock tubes in an effort to replicate the environment of a military conflict to better understand the physics of blasts ... Blast waves are directed against structures (such as vehicles), materials, and biological specimens or surrogates ... often used to quantify the response to blast exposure ...
Non-rocket Spacelaunch - Projectile Launchers - Chemical - Blast Wave Accelerator
... A blast wave accelerator is similar to a space gun but it differs in that rings of explosive along the length of the barrel are detonated in sequence to keep the accelerations high ... rather than just relying on the pressure behind the projectile, the blast wave accelerator specifically times the explosions to squeeze on a tail cone on the projectile, as one might ...
Anti-personnel Mine - Blast Mines - Effect
... When a person steps on a blast mine and activates it, the mine's main charge detonates, creating a blast shock wave consisting of hot gases travelling at extremely high velocity ... The shock wave sends a huge compressive force upwards, ejecting the mine casing and any soil covering the mine along with it ... When the blast wave hits the surface, it quickly transfers the force into the subject's footwear and foot ...

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    Now I stand as one upon a rock,
    Environed with a wilderness of sea,
    Who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave,
    Expecting ever when some envious surge
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    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

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