Blackwell Determinacy

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Determinator - More General Games - Games of Imperfect Information
... However, the determinacy of infinite games of imperfect information (Blackwell games) is less clear ... In 1969 David Blackwell proved that some "infinite games with imperfect information" (now called "Blackwell games") are determined, and in 1998 Donald A ... Martin proved that ordinary (perfect-information game) determinacy for a boldface pointclass implies Blackwell determinacy for the pointclass ...

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    It is well worth the efforts of a lifetime to have attained knowledge which justifies an attack on the root of all evil—viz. the deadly atheism which asserts that because forms of evil have always existed in society, therefore they must always exist; and that the attainment of a high ideal is a hopeless chimera.
    —Elizabeth Blackwell (1821–1910)