Black Flags

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Capture Of Hung Hoa - Bombardment and Capture of Hưng Hóa, 11–12 April 1884
... The Black Flags had thrown up an impressive series of fortifications around Hưng Hóa, but Millot made no attempt to attack the town's formidable defences ... Having pinned the Black Flags frontally with General de Négrier's 2nd Brigade, he subjected Hưng Hóa to a ferocious artillery bombardment from Trung Hà with two 80-millimetre ... many buildings inside Hưng Hóa alight and inflicting heavy casualties on the Black Flag defenders ...
Battle Of Palan - Significance
... Liu Yongfu's Black Flags escaped to fight another day, and Liu Yongfu showed his disdain for the French by fortifying yet another defensive position a few kilometres back from the Day River ... recognising that he had inflicted two defeats upon the Black Flags in difficult circumstances and had avenged the French defeat at the Battle of Paper Bridge in May 1883 ... Chinese stepped up their covert support for the Black Flags in Tonkin ...
Battle Of Phủ Hoài - The Battle
... unsuccessfully attacked the right of the Black Flag line and was counterattacked in its turn by Liu Yongfu and the bulk of the Black Flag Army ... covered the French withdrawal, inflicting heavy casualties on Black Flag units that left their defences and ventured out into the open ... Coronnat's centre column failed to make contact with the Black Flags at all, while Bichot's right column succeeded in capturing the village of Trem but was then held up in front of the Black Flag defences at ...
Tonkin Campaign - Son Tay (December 1883)
... on Son Tay for a showdown with Liu Yongfu's Black Flag Army ... the traditional overlord of Vietnam, had for months been covertly supporting the Black Flags, and had stationed Chinese troops in Son Tay, Lang Son, Bac Ninh and other Tonkinese towns to limit ... contingents at Son Tay played little part in the defence, Liu Yongfu's Black Flags fought ferociously to hold the city ...
Sơn Tây Campaign - The Forces
... The Black Flags had hired European engineers to convert Phu Sa into an impregnable strongpoint ... From the Phu Sa strongpoint, the Black Flags had an excellent field of fire both out to the east, from where the initial French attack was likely to come, and ... Son Tay was defended by 3,000 veteran soldiers of the Black Flag Army under the command of Liu Yongfu, around 7,000 Vietnamese troops of indifferent quality under the command of Prince ...

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    Gentlemen, those confederate flags and our national standard are what has made this union great. In what other country could a man who fought against you be permitted to serve as judge over you, be permitted to run for reelection and bespeak your suffrage on Tuesday next at the poles.
    Laurence Stallings (1894–1968)

    Thus Winter falls,
    A heavy gloom oppressive o’er the world
    Through Nature shedding influence malign,
    And rouses up the seeds of dark disease.
    The soul of man dies in him, loathing life,
    And black with more than melancholy views.
    James Thomson (1700–1748)