Bit Ring

The bit ring is the ring on the side of a horse's bit, particularly on a snaffle bit. It is used as a point of attachment for the cheekpieces of the bridle and for the reins. It also has an effect on the action of the bit. Therefore, the design of the ring is something to consider when choosing a bit for a horse, even though the bit mouthpiece generally has a greater effect than the ring.

Choices in bit rings can be found in direct pressure bits such as snaffle bits or bradoons. Leverage bits such as the pelham, and curb bit have a bit shank rather than a bit ring. (see bit shank). The Kimblewick has a unique design in that the side of the bit resembles a bit ring, but actually is a very short bit shank, as it applies leverage pressure to the mouthpiece.

Bit ring designs also are subject to fads. The loose ring is currently one of the most popular overall designs, but several years ago the eggbutt and dee-ring were quite common. There are also differences in the popularity of a given design from one discipline to another and from geographic region to the next.

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... Flat-ring Similar to the loose-ring, but the circular ring has been flattened so it has edges ... Has similar action as the loose-ring, though is a little more stable in the horse's mouth and the rings may be less likely to pinch ... Similar to the eggbutt but with a sliding loose-ring and is suitable for use with reins that are connected with various knots ...
Bit (horse) - Basic Types
... are hundreds of design variations, the basic families of bits are defined by the way in which they use or do not use leverage ... They include Direct pressure bits without leverage Snaffle bit Uses a bit ring at the mouthpiece to apply direct pressure on the bars, tongue and corner of the mouth ... Leverage bits Curb bit A bit that uses a type of lever called a shank that puts pressure not only on the mouth, but also on the poll and chin groove ...

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