Bit (horse)

Bit (horse)

A bit is a type of horse tack used in equestrian activities, usually made of metal or a synthetic material, and is placed in the mouth of a horse or other equid and assists a rider in communicating with the animal. It rests on the bars of the mouth in an interdental region where there are no teeth. It is held on a horse's head by means of a bridle and has reins attached for use by a rider.

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Bit (horse) - Idiomatic Usage
... Bitsand the behavior of horseswhile wearing bitshave made their way into popular culture outside of the horseworld ... Took the bitin his teeth, a phrase that describes a horsethat sets its jaw against the bitand cannot be controlled (rarely does the horseactually grab the bitwith its molars), is used today to refer ... Because this behavior was most often seen by the general public in horseswho were anxious to begin a horserace in the days before the invention of the ...

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