Birth Weight

Birth weight is the body weight of a baby at its birth.

There have been numerous studies that have attempted, with varying degrees of success, to show links between birth weight and later-life conditions, including diabetes, obesity, tobacco smoking and intelligence.

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Mexican Paradox
... that the Mexican people exhibit a surprisingly low incidence of low birth weight, contrary to what would be expected from their socioeconomic status (SES) ... This appears as an outlier in graphs correlating SES with low-birth-weight rates ... that resistance to changes in diet is responsible for the positive birth weight association for Mexican-American mothers ...
Environment And Intelligence - Biological Influences - Nutrition
... prenatal nutrition is difficult to measure, birth weight has been used as a surrogate marker of nutrition in many studies ... Birth weight needs to be corrected for gestational length to ensure that the effects are due to nutrition and not prematurity ... longitudinal study looking at the effects of under-nutrition, as measured by birth weight, and intelligence focused on males who were born during the Dutch famine ...
Birth Weight - Influence On Adult Life - Intelligence
... have shown a direct link between an increased birth weight and an increased intelligence quotient ...
List Of Paradoxes - Mathematics - Statistics
... Low birth weight paradox Low birth weight and mothers who smoke contribute to a higher mortality rate ... Babies of smokers have lower average birth weight, but low birth weight babies born to smokers have a lower mortality rate than other low birth weight babies ...
Child Development Stages - Physical Specifications
... Age Average length/height (cm) Length growth Average weight Weight gain Respiration rate (per minute) Normal body temperature Heart rate (pulse) (per minute) Visual acuity (Sne. 1.5 times birth length by first birthday 9.6 kg (21 lb) Nearly triple the birth weight by first birthday 500 g per month 20 to 45 body temperature heart rate 20/100 12–24 ...

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    As deaths have accumulated I have begun to think of life and death as a set of balance scales. When one is young, the scale is heavily tipped toward the living. With the first death, the first consciousness of death, the counter scale begins to fall. Death by death, the scales shift weight until what was unthinkable becomes merely a matter of gravity and the fall into death becomes an easy step.
    Alison Hawthorne Deming (b. 1946)

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