Bilinear Form

In mathematics, a bilinear form on a vector space V is a bilinear mapping V × VF, where F is the field of scalars. That is, a bilinear form is a function B: V × VF which is linear in each argument separately:

  • B(u + v, w) = B(u, w) + B(v, w)
  • B(u, v + w) = B(u, v) + B(u, w)
  • Bu, v) = B(u, λv) = λB(u, v)

The definition of a bilinear form can easily be extended to include modules over a commutative ring, with linear maps replaced by module homomorphisms. When F is the field of complex numbers C, one is often more interested in sesquilinear forms, which are similar to bilinear forms but are conjugate linear in one argument.

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