Bib or BIB may refer to:

  • The Bib (tribe) are small tribe found in the Hazara Division of Pakistan
  • Trisopterus luscus, a fish also called a bib
  • Bib Fortuna, character in Star Wars
  • Back in Black, an iconic album by AC/DC
  • Bib (garment), a garment worn to protect clothing from spilling, or the part of garments like overalls and some dresses that covers the chest
  • Bag in box, a packaging method for wine, battery acid, and other fluids
  • Bibcock
  • Bibendum, the mascot of Michelin
  • Bib shorts, cycling legwear
  • .bib, the file extension of a BibTeX bibliographic file used in TeX and LaTeX
  • Biennial of Illustration Bratislava, award for illustration of children's books
  • Blocked impurity band
  • Board for International Broadcasting
  • Boys in Blue, a slang term for police

Other articles related to "bib":

Marvin Sutton - Death
... And his bib overalls—he always wore bib overalls ... Even when he came to federal court, he was wearing bib overalls ...
May Gibbs - Works
1921) Nuttybub and Nittersing (1923) Chucklebud and Wunkydoo (1924) Bib and Bub Their Adventures (1925) The Further Adventures of Bib and Bub (1927) More Funny Stories about Old Friends Bib ...
Business War Games - Applications - BIB
... BIB games have been applied with great success to new product launches, offensive and defensive moves against specific competitors (whose response is analyzed using ... According to participants, BIB games provide touch reality-based challenge to strategies and plans that helps companies cope with uncertainty ... BIB are also more culture sensitive, and should be applied with caution in cultures where honest discussion of blindspots is less than appreciated ...
Tire Mousse - Use - Bib-Mousse
... Bib-Mousse is a Tire mousse made by French tire manufacturer Michelin ... The Bib-Mousse was named after Michelin's well-known mascot, Bibendum ...

Famous quotes containing the word bib:

    The conservative assumes sickness as a necessity, and his social frame is a hospital, his total legislation is for the present distress, a universe in slippers and flannels, with bib and papspoon, swallowing pills and herb-tea.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)