Ben Bella

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Mohamed Harbi
... After the Algerian War of Independence, he became an advisor to new president, Ahmed Ben Bella and later a member of his cabinet ... authoritarian approach of the new government and urged Ben Bella to arm the people to avert a military coup ... In June 1965 Houari Boumedienne seized power and arrested Ben Bella ...
Godfrey Mwakikagile - Writings
... also contends that only a few African leaders - Nkrumah, Nyerere, Sekou Toure, Nasser, Ben Bella and Modibo Keita - strove to achieve genuine independence for ... According to Ben Bella, the six leaders - Nkrumah, Nyerere, Sekou Toure, Nasser, Modibo Keita and Ben Bella himself - constituted what came to be known as "The Group of Six ... Castañeda, the author of Companero The Life and Death of Che Guevara, Ben Bella said the six leaders worked together secretly within the OAU on a number of issues ...
History Of Algeria - Independent Algeria - Ben Bella Presidency (1962-65)
... a constitution was adopted by referendum, and later that month, Ahmed Ben Bella was formally elected the first president ... In the 1963 March Decrees, Ben Bella declared that all agricultural, industrial, and commercial properties previously owned and operated by Europeans were ... was approved by nationwide referendum in September 1963, and Ben Bella was confirmed as the party's choice to lead the country for a five-year term ...
Algerian War - War Chronology - After The Philippeville Massacre
... The externals, including Ben Bella, knew the conference was taking place but by chance or design on the part of the internals were unable to attend ... that was flying to Tunis, carrying Ahmed Ben Bella, Mohammed Boudiaf, Mohamed Khider and Hocine Aït Ahmed, and forced it to land in Algiers ... Abbas, as well as imprisoned political leaders such as Ben Bella ...
Saïd Mohammedi - Post-independence Career
... After independence, an army-based coalition composed of Ahmed Ben Bella, Mohamed Khider, Boumédiène and others attempted to seize power, as did a rival GPRA-centered group headed by Krim Belkacem ... but then switched sides and was rewarded with a post as vice president after Ben Bella had been installed as president of Algeria in a single-party system ... In 1965, Boumédiène overthrew Ben Bella ...

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