Bell System

The Bell System was the system of companies, led by the American Bell Telephone Company and subsequently by AT&T, which provided telephone services to much of the United States and Canada from 1877 to 1984, at various times as a monopoly. In 1984, the system was broken up into independent companies by a U.S. Justice Department mandate.

The colloquial term Ma Bell (as in "Mother Bell") was often used by the general public in the United States to refer to any aspect of this conglomerate, as it held a near complete monopoly over all telephone service in most areas of the country, and is still used by many to refer to any telephone company. Ma Bell is also used to refer to the various female voices behind recordings for the Bell System: Mary Moore, Jane Barbe, and Pat Fleet (the current voice of AT&T).

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... A marker is a type of special purpose control system that was used in electromechanical telephone central office switches ... After unfruitful German efforts in the 1920s, they were successfully developed at Bell Labs in the 1930s to support the then new generation of crossbar switches which were replacing the Step-by-Step switches and ... available, unlike the earlier graded progressive systems in which a path might not be found ...
Phreaking - History - Multi Frequency
... were unknown to the general public until 1964, when The Bell System published the information in the Bell System Technical Journal in an article describing the ... With this one article, the Bell System accidentally gave away the "keys to the kingdom," and the intricacies of the phone system were at the disposal of ... Bell and Californians Mark Bernay, Chris Bernay, and "Alan from Canada" ...
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... Southwestern Bell Telephone traces its roots to The Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company which was founded in 1882 ... under the management of a single management unit of the Bell System with Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company of Texas-Arkansas, Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Company of ... These companies comprised the "Southwestern System" of the Bell System ...
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... From 1940 to 1968 the company sponsored The Bell Telephone Hour on NBC radio and (later) television ... a scene where the title character watches a television commercial for the Bell System, prompting the famous line, "E.T ... character appeared in one of Bell's "Reach out and touch someone" ads ...
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... Under the Bell System monopoly (following the Communications Act of 1934), the Bell System owned the phones and did not allow interconnection of separate phones or other terminal equipment ... generally hardwired, or at times used proprietary Bell System connectors ... and the FCC's Carterfone decision, which required Bell to allow some interconnection, which culminated in registered jacks ...

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    I am fearful that the paper system ... will ruin the state. Its demoralizing effects are already seen and spoken of everywhere ... I therefore protest against receiving any of that trash.
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