Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers - Music


Genre Song Artist Tier
Tribal "2 tribe 4 K" Remo-con
Hard Renaissance "Anisakis -somatic mutation type "Forza"-" 朱雀 (Suzaku)
Classical Piano Solo "avant-guerre" Osamu Kubota
Eurobeat "Be OK" good-cool feat. Florence
Tech-Tronika "beatonic nation" Sōta Fujimori
Trance "Blue Rain" dj TAKA VS Ryu*
J-R&B "Darling my LUV" DJ Yoshitaka feat. B-Agents From Guitar Freaks V4 & Drum Mania V4
Handz Up "Dazzlin' Darlin" HHH Later remixed on AC SIRIUS as Extra Stage in DJ TROOPERS Parallel Rotation folder. The remix called "Dazzlin Darlin' -Akiba Koubou Mix-"
Tech-Breakbeats "Digitank System" DJ Mass MAD Izm*
80's Euro "エコ爺" (Eco-ji / Eco-G) Y&Co.
Frenzy House "end of world" 猫又Master+
Prog "evergreen" kors k
Trance "Freeway Shuffle" dj TAKA From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Hyper Japanesque 2 "華爛漫 -Flowers-" (Hanaranman) TËRRA From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova
Trance "I'm In Love Again -DJ YOSHITAKA REMIX-" Remixed by DJ YOSHITAKA
Happy Hardcore "in the Sky" Ryu* From Happy Sky (CS)
Electric AOR "叶うまでは" (Kanau made wa) ウッチーズ
E-Dance Pop "Kick Out 仮面" 上野圭市(a.k.a. Babyweapon, DJ SWAMI) feat. 星野奏子
Symphonic Techno "高高度降下低高度開傘" (Koukoudo Kouka Teikoudo Kaisan) Dr. Honda
Happy Hardcore "LOVELY STORM" L.E.D.-G From Happy Sky (CS)
Education "マチ子の唄" (Machiko no Uta / Song of Machiko) AKIRA YAMAOKA
Progressive House "madrugada" PINK PONG
Lovely Buchiage Pop "MAX LOVE" DJ YOSHITAKA feat. 星野奏子
Only One Eurobeat "NEW GENERATION -もう、お前しか見えない-" SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-
Energetic Trance "Now and Forever" StripE vs MUNETICA feat.ARISA
Hymnus "oratio" 蓑舞衆
Dance "radius" yasuhiro abe
Tri Euro Fantasia "REMINISCENCE"* jun with Allison
UK Hardcore "Rising in the Sun (original mix)" kors k feat. Rie
Overture "Ristaccia" Zektbach
Hard House "satellite020712 from "CODED ARMS"" 猫又Master From 10th Style (CS)
Rave "satfinal" RAM
World/Electronica "scar in the earth" 猫又Master
Hard Trance "Shades of Grey" Fracus From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Electro "湘南族 -cannibal coast-" (Shounanzoku) Aural Vampire
Post Renaissance "少年A" (Shonen A) Remixed by 少年ラジオ
Waltz Beat "soldier's waltz" DAJI
Soldier's Ballad "走馬灯 -The Last Song-" TAKA
Freeform Hardcore "SOUND OF GIALLARHORN" L.E.D.-G
Technotronica "State Of The Art" Sōta Fujimori feat. cyborg AKEMI
Ultimate J-Pop "switch" DAISUKE ASAKURA ex.TËRRA From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Nu-Style Gabba "THE DEEP STRIKER" L.E.D.-G
Ethnotronica "the trigger of innocence" Seiya Murai
Piano House "Wanna Party?" RAM
Dance Speed "Time to Air" 青龍 (Seiryuu) Extra (ES)
From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Progressive Baroque "Übertreffen" TAKA respect for J.S.B. MS #01
From Pop'n Music 14: Fever!
Fusion "ミラージュ・レジデンス" (Mirage Residence) Jimmy Weckl MS #01
From Guitar Freaks V3 & Drum Mania V3
SUPERNOVA2 BEAT #02 "TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX" DE-SIRE alterative MS #01
From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Ultimate Core "TROOPERS" Des-TRACT MS #01 OMES
Jungle "four pieces of heaven" Lion MS #02
Breakcore "STEEL NEEDLE" Scorpion MS #02
N-Beats "Do it!! Do it!!" Kraken MS #02
Nu-Skool Breakbeats Hardcore "ICARUS" Eagle MS #02
Irregular Hi-Break "MENDES" Humanoid MS #02 OMES


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