BCG can stand for:

  • Bacillus Calmette-Guérin, a vaccine for tuberculosis
  • Ballistocardiography, a vital sign caused by the mechanical movement of the heart which can be recorded from the surface of the body
  • The Boston Consulting Group, an international management consulting firm
  • Brightest cluster galaxy, the brightest and most massive galaxies in the universe
  • Blue Compact Galaxy, a type of low mass starburst galaxy
  • Bromocresol green
  • Bandaranayaka college gampaha
  • Berkeley Cinema Group
  • Billy Gillispie, American basketball coach
  • Birth Control Glasses, a dysphemism given to eyeglasses issued by the American military to its service members
  • Board for Certification of Genealogists
  • The British Comedy Guide
  • Broadband Content Guide

Other articles related to "bcg":

... The ballistocardiograph (BCG) is a measure of ballistic forces on the heart ... by observing and analyzing the BCG signal ... One Example of the use of a BCG is a ballistocardiographic scale, which measures the recoil of the persons body who is on the scale ...
Boston Consulting Group - Human Resources
... Fortune Magazine ranked BCG second in its 2011 and 2012 list of the "top 100 best firms to work for" ... BCG has also been listed in Consulting Magazine's "Best Firms to Work For" list every year since 2001 ... BCG is a top employer of recent graduates from MIT, Harvard Business School, Oxford University Said Business School, Stanford Business School, and UPenn Wharton ...
BCG As A Treatment For Bladder Cancer
... BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin), a live attenuated form of Mycobacterium bovis, is the most commonly used agent for intravesical therapy ... intravesical agents have been compared to BCG, but none has proved consistently superior ... antitumor action is unknown, intravesical instillation of BCG triggers a variety of local immune responses which appear to correlate with antitumor activity ...
Bacillus Calmette–Guérin - Uses - Other Uses
... Leprosy BCG has a small protective effect against leprosy of around 26%, although it is not used specifically for this purpose ... Buruli ulcer BCG may protect against or delay the onset of Buruli ulcer ... Cancer immunotherapy/cancer vaccine A number of cancer vaccines use BCG as an adjuvant to provide an initial stimulation of the patients' immune systems ...