Battle of Pákozd

The Battle of Pákozd (or Battle of Sukoró) was a battle in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, fought on the 29 September 1848 in the Pákozd – Sukoró – Pátka triangle. It was one of the most important battles of the revolution, in which the Hungarian revolutionary army led by Lieutenant-General János Móga defeated the troops of the Croatian Ban Josip Jelačić.

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Battle Of Pákozd - Aftermath
... Although the Battle of Pákozd was one of the smaller of the Revolution, is consequences were very important for the other fights for independence ... The battle became an icon for the Hungarian army because of it is influence on politics and morale ... This battle was one of the reason for the Vienna Rebellion of 6 October ...
Josip Jelačić - War Against The Kingdom of Hungary - Battle of Pákozd
... Main article Battle of Pákozd Jelačić's army occupied Székesfehérvár on 26 September 1848 ... attacked Jelačić between his position and Pákozd ...

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