Basal Rate

In biology, basal rate is the rate of continuous supply of some chemical or process. In the case of diabetes mellitus, it is a low rate of continuous insulin supply needed for such purposes as controlling cellular glucose and amino acid uptake. Together with a bolus of insulin, the basal insulin completes the total insulin needs of an insulin-dependent person. An insulin pump and wristop controller is one way to arrange for a closely controlled basal insulin rate. The slow-release insulins (e.g., Lantus and Levemir) can provide a similar effect.

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Approaches To An Artificial Pancreas - Medical Equipment Approach - Feedback of Real-time Blood Glucose Data To An Insulin Pump For Basal Control
... on continuous blood glucose data is to automatically control the basal rate of the insulin pump ... the pump can manage the blood glucose level by adjusting the basal rate as needed when the blood sugar is increasing, a small correction bolus can be automatically delivered ... When controlling the basal rate alone, the closed loop can still correct a meal bolus error that was too large or small for the food consumed by recognizing an imbalance between the bolus "insulin on board ...

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