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Coach Gun - History
... of shotguns offered in a variety of barrel lengths from 12 to 20 inches, either by the factory or from owners and gunsmiths cutting down the barrels ... pig in scrub, bush or marshlands, where the 24"+ barrels of a traditional shotgun would prove unwieldy ... Wyatt Earp also used both barrels of a 10 gauge coach gun to kill "Curly" Bill Brocius point-blank the next year ...
Vz. 58 - Variants
... KLEČ ("dwarf pine") Experimental variant with a 590 mm barrel (similar to RPK), developed in 1976 ... Available with either a standard (390 mm) or shortened (295 mm) barrel ... production was made for the civilian market in Canada with an extended barrel length of (490 mm) ...
Chey Tac Intervention - Versions
... The CheyTac Intervention comes in several variants M-200 (29 in (737 mm) barrel length) M-200 Carbine (Now out of production) M-310 (Single shot and repeater sub-variants all with ...

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    Rivers must have been the guides which conducted the footsteps of the first travelers. They are the constant lure, when they flow by our doors, to distant enterprise and adventure; and, by a natural impulse, the dwellers on their banks will at length accompany their currents to the lowlands of the globe, or explore at their invitation the interior of continents.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    When you got to the table you couldn’t go right to eating, but you had to wait for the widow to tuck down her head and grumble a little over the victuals, though there warn’t really anything the matter with them. That is, nothing only everything was cooked by itself. In a barrel of odds and ends it is different; things get mixed up, and the juice kind of swaps around, and the things go better.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)