Banat Bulgarian

Banat Bulgarian may refer to:

  • Banat Bulgarian dialect
  • Banat Bulgarians

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Banat Bulgarian Language
... The Banat Bulgarian language (Banat Bulgarian Palćena balgarsćija jázić, Banátsća balgarsćija jázić Bulgarian ... It is spoken by the Banat Bulgarians in the Banat region, in Romania and Serbia ... In 1998, Jáni Vasilčin in Dudeştii Vechi translated the New Testament into Banat Bulgarian Svetotu Pismu Novija Zákun ...
Banat Bulgarian Language - Linguistic Features - Examples
... The Lord's Prayer in Banat Bulgarian Banat Bulgarian English Baštá náš, kojtu si na nebeto Imetu ti da se pusveti ... Standard Bulgarian transliterated Standard Bulgarian Cyrillic Otče naš, Ti, kojto si na nebeto, da se sveti imeto Ti ... Inscription about bishop Nikola Stanislavič in the Dudeştii Vechi church Bilingual Banat Bulgarian (written in Latin letters)-Romanian plaque in Vinga A rare occasion of Banat Bulgarian written in ...
Banat Bulgarian Language - Linguistic Features
... The vernacular of the Bulgarians of Banat can be classified as a Paulician dialect of the Eastern Bulgarian group ... but found only in nonstandard dialects in Bulgarian (Bulgarian den ("day") sounds like and is written as denj) ... "conference") due to the close contacts with the other peoples of the multiethnic Banat and the religious ties with other Roman Catholic peoples ...

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