Bad Guys

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List Of Samurai Pizza Cats Episodes - Episode List
... Meanwhile, Bad Bird sends out a giant robotic dragon and it wreaks havoc on Little Tokyo ... (ホレホレ穴掘れもっと掘れ!) 15 February 5 ... September 1990 Bad Bird found a document which says that gold is hidden beneath the Little Tokyo castle ... golden statue which grants wishes, for a fee, is used by the bad guys as a Trojan Horse to get into a rich man's house 6 ... "Singing Samurai Sensation!" An Idol is Born ...
Babman - Synopsis - Unmasking The Mastermind
... is about to take Rufo, Doña Fe's head goon and the other bad guys to the DILG when he sees something on Rufo's arms ... He asks the residents to give him two hours - there is someone missing from his list of bad guys ... "Basketball Kung Fu", Bab subdues all three bad guys ...

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    The glorious dream of full father involvement in infant care will not become a widespread reality overnight. But it can happen, and it eventually will happen,... A lot of progress may take place in a short period of time if we just lighten up, step back, and give the guys a decent chance.
    Michael K. Meyerhoff (20th century)

    I have given my pain a name and call it “dog”Mit is every bit as faithful, every bit as nosey and shameless, every bit as entertaining, every bit as clever as any other dog—and I can boss it around and vent my bad moods on it, just as others do with their dogs, servants, and wives.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)