Bachelor of Mathematics

A Bachelor of Mathematics is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for successfully completing a program of study in mathematics or related disciplines, such as computer science or statistics. The Bachelor of Mathematics degree is frequently abbreviated as B.Math or BMath.

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Bachelor Of Mathematics - List of Institutions Awarding Bachelor of Mathematics Degrees
... Melbourne, Australia University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia (Actually a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences BMathSc or Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences BMath CompSc ...

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    When a bachelor of philosophy from the Antilles refuses to apply for certification as a teacher on the grounds of his color I say that philosophy has never saved anyone. When someone else strives and strains to prove to me that black men are as intelligent as white men I say that intelligence has never saved anyone: and that is true, for, if philosophy and intelligence are invoked to proclaim the equality of men, they have also been employed to justify the extermination of men.
    Frantz Fanon (1925–1961)

    ... though mathematics may teach a man how to build a bridge, it is what the Scotch Universities call the humanities, that teach him to be civil and sweet-tempered.
    Amelia E. Barr (1831–1919)

    Never trust a husband too far, nor a bachelor too near.
    Helen Rowland (1875–1950)