Axis & Allies: Battle of The Bulge - Combat


The combat mechanic is radically redesigned from previous Axis & Allies games: in particular, ground units may only move and attack if they have access to supplies. Combat is done through 12-sided dice, where a system of rolling dice to determine both the number of hits and the casualties sustained, as opposed to previous games where the defender may choose to assign casualties according to their strategic needs.

Because of the size of the board and the supply mechanic, trucks have also been added to Battle of the Bulge, facilitating the transport of infantry, artillery, and supplies to the front lines. Trucks may be captured and used by the enemy, and may be destroyed. They may also be sent off of the board to restock on supplies.

However, the major feature is the front line itself: whenever Germany enters a new hex, it captures the hex, and possibly surrounding hexes, which changes the front line in the third phase of the game. Victory points are determined based on the hexes that are on the German side of the front line at the end of the turn.

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