Avalanche Breakdown

Avalanche breakdown is a phenomenon that can occur in both insulating and semiconducting materials. It is a form of electric current multiplication that can allow very large currents within materials which are otherwise good insulators. It is a type of electron avalanche. The avalanche process occurs when the carriers in the transition region are accelerated by the electric field to energies sufficient to free electron-hole pairs via collisions with bound electrons.

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Avalanche Breakdown - Explanation
... Avalanche breakdown usually destroys regular diodes, but avalanche diodes are designed to break down this way at low voltages and can survive the reverse current ... The voltage at which the breakdown occurs is called the breakdown voltage ... There is a hysteresis effect once avalanche breakdown has occurred, the material will continue to conduct if the voltage across it drops below the breakdown voltage ...
Avalanche Transistor
... An avalanche transistor is a bipolar junction transistor designed for operation in the region of its collector-current/collector-to-emitter voltage ... This region is characterized by avalanche breakdown, a phenomenon similar to Townsend discharge for gases, and negative differential resistance ... Operation in the avalanche breakdown region is called avalanche-mode operation it gives avalanche transistors the ability to switch very high currents with less than a nanosecond rise and fall times (transition ...
Avalanche Transistor - Applications - Avalanche Mode Switching Circuits
... Avalanche mode switching relies on avalanche multiplication of current flowing through the collector-base junction as a result of impact ionization of the atoms in the ... Avalanche breakdown in semiconductors has found application in switching circuits for two basic reasons it can provide very high switching speeds, since current builds-up in very small times, in the picosecond ... since large currents can be controlled by very small ones, again due to avalanche multiplication ...

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