Automatic Declassification

Some articles on declassification, automatic declassification:

Information Security Oversight Office - Notices
... focuses on a single topic related to classification, safeguarding, or declassification ... Classification Marking Instructions on the Use of “50X1-HUM” vs “25X1-human” as a Declassification Instruction ISOO Notice 2012-01 Requirements for Derivative Classifier. 12958, as amended ISOO Notice 2009-06 "Handling NATO Information Identified during Automatic Declassification Processing" ISOO Notice 2009-04 “Best ...
Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel - Functions
13526 Exemptions from Automatic Declassification Approving, denying or amending agency exemptions from automatic declassification, as provided in Section 3.3 of E.O. 13526 Mandatory Declassification Review Appeals Deciding on mandatory declassification review appeals by parties whose requests for declassification under Section 3.5 of E.O ... Exemptions Deciding on agency requests to exempt a designated file series from automatic declassification at 25 years ...

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    Predictions of the future are never anything but projections of present automatic processes and procedures, that is, of occurrences that are likely to come to pass if men do not act and if nothing unexpected happens; every action, for better or worse, and every accident necessarily destroys the whole pattern in whose frame the prediction moves and where it finds its evidence.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)