Authors Guild

Authors Guild

The Authors Guild is a not-for-profit American organization of and for authors. It has around eight thousand members, among them published authors, literary agents and attorneys who mainly deal in book publishing. The current president (as of April 2010) is Scott Turow and the current vice president is Judy Blume. It provides members with free legal and business advice on book contracts, periodical and literary agency contracts, subsidiary licensing, royalty and copyright issues and other matters relevant to publishing. It has been involved in conflicts with Google and Amazon.

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Hathi Trust
... In September 2011, the Authors Guild sued HathiTrust (Authors Guild v ... A federal court ruled against the Authors Guild in October 2012, finding that HathiTrust's use of books scanned by Google was fair use under US law ...
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... The Authors Guild have claimed that the text-to-speech facility of the Amazon Kindle 2 is a violation of American Copyright Law ... On 24 February 2009 Roy Blount Jr, as president of the guild, wrote an op-ed article for the New York Times, in which he wrote, "...the guild is being assailed ... On the National Federation of the Blind’s Web site, the guild is accused of arguing that it is illegal for blind people to use 'readers, either human or machine, to access ...

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