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USS Virgo (AKA-20) - Service History - World War II - 1944
... The attack cargo ship arrived at Funafuti in the Ellice Islands on 8 February and remained there until the 19th when she got underway for Guadalcanal ... The ship anchored in Port Purvis, Florida Island, on 24 February and began a series of amphibious training exercises in the southern Solomons ... The ship stopped at Cape Sudest from 5 to 14 April and then headed for the Beli Beli Islands ...
Tolland Class Attack Cargo Ship - See Also
... Andromeda-class attack cargo ship Arcturus-class attack cargo ship Artemis-class attack cargo ship Charleston-class amphibious cargo ship List of attack cargo ships of the United States Navy (AKA) List of ...
USS Almaack (AKA-10) - Supporting The Invasion of Iwo Jima
... Arriving at Guam on 8 February, Almaack commenced loading troops and cargo of the 3d Engineer Battalion, 3d Pioneer Battalion, and a replacement company, as well. 125 miles (201 km) southeast of Iwo Jima at 2200, 19 February, and, in company with the other ships in the task group, awaited orders ... Sent in to the transport areas, the ship arrived off Iwo on 22 February, but did not unload any cargo that day or the next ...
USS Uvalde (AKA-88) - Service History - World War II, 1944–1945 - Philippines Campaign
... The attack cargo ship subsequently entered Lingayen Gulf on the morning of 11 January and, at 0925, sent her first wave of landing craft onto the beaches ... stay at Lingayen Gulf, Uvalde's sailors witnessed their first attacks by the Japanese kamikazes on ships in the vicinity ... Two days later, the attack cargo ship got underway again, this time headed for the Schouten Islands ...
USS Alchiba (AKA-6)
... Decommissioned 14 January 1946 Renamed USS Alchiba (AK-23), 3 June 1941 Reclassified AKA-6 (attack cargo ship), 1 February 1943 Struck 25 February 1946 Honours and awards 3 ... She served as a commissioned ship for 4 years and 7 months ...

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    Small pity for him!—He sailed away
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    ... possibly there is no needful occupation which is wholly unbeautiful. The beauty of work depends upon the way we meet it—whether we arm ourselves each morning to attack it as an enemy that must be vanquished before night comes, or whether we open our eyes with the sunrise to welcome it as an approaching friend who will keep us delightful company all day, and who will make us feel, at evening, that the day was well worth its fatigues.
    Lucy Larcom (1824–1893)

    Nitrates and phosphates for ammunition. The seeds of war. They’re loading a full cargo of death. And when that ship takes it home, the world will die a little more.
    Earl Felton, and Richard Fleischer. Captain Nemo (James Mason)