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  • Asteroids by Atari (1979): The object of the game is to shoot and destroy asteroids and saucers while not colliding with either, or being hit by the saucers' counter-fire.
  • Outpost (1994) and Outpost 2 (1997): The player of these two colonization PC games from Sierra Entertainment is given the task of building and managing a space colony in the aftermath of humanity's certain extinction caused by an asteroid collision.
  • The Dig (1995): In this adventure PC game from LucasArts, three of five astronauts assigned to blow an asteroid off-course are transported to a distant world.
  • Homeworld (1999): At the outskirts of the Hiigaran system, the Taiidan attempted to destroy the Kushan Mothership in a last-ditch effort using a large asteroid (somewhere between 15 and 20 km across) with an engine on its back. The asteroid had enough mass and kinetic energy to completely vaporize anything it collided with and was capable of withstanding the combined firepower of the whole Kushan fleet for minutes.
  • Submarine TITANS (2000): A real time strategy game by Ellipse Studios in which the Earth is devastated in 2047 by the impact of the Clark Comet and the attached Silicon spacecraft. The impact of the Clark Comet also deposits significant amounts of the fictional element Corium 276, which factors heavily into both the gameplay and the plot of Submarine TITANS.
  • Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (2001): In this combat flight simulator for the PlayStation 2 by Namco, a railgun battery is used in an attempt to destroy a massive asteroid with limited success.
  • Mass Effect (2007): The "Bring Down the Sky" expansion features an alien extremist group that attempts to hijack an asteroid station and set it on a collision course with a human colony.
  • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (2008): Almost 90% of mankind has been killed off following devastating meteor strikes which have destroyed much of civilization and caused a massive dust cloud to blot out the Sun. The player takes the role of a military leader and tries to protect the survivors in the ruins of civilization.
  • "Rage (video game)" (2011): Asteroid 99942 Apophis impacts the Earth and the technology used to ensue mankind's survival is to keep people in cryogenic sleep until the Earth was safe again.

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