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Cyber Security Standards - ISA-99
... General, Asset Owner, System Integrator and Component Provider) ... The second group of work products targets at the Asset Owner and addresses various aspects of creating and maintaining an effective IACS security program ... product vendors, but can be used by integrator and asset owners for to assist in the procurement of secure products ...
Fiduciary Management
... Fiduciary management is an approach to asset management that involves an asset owner appointing a third party to manage the total assets of the asset owner on an integrated basis ... In principal the model can be applied to the investments of any asset owner ... in relation to the management of institutional assets as opposed to retail assets and in relation to the management of assets of pension funds in particular and insurance companies ...
Private Annuity Trust
... enables the value of highly appreciated assets, such as real estate, collectables or an investment portfolio, to be realized without directly selling them and incurring ... of the United States federal capital gains tax due on the sale of an asset, provide a stream of income, and effectively remove the asset from the owner's estate, thus ... A PAT will allow the owner of investment property to defer up to 100% of the taxes without ever having to buy another property ...

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    In relation to God, we are like a thief who has burgled the house of a kindly householder and been allowed to keep some of the gold. From the point of view of the lawful owner this gold is a gift; From the point of view of the burglar it is a theft. He must go and give it back. It is the same with our existence. We have stolen a little of God’s being to make it ours. God has made us a gift of it. But we have stolen it. We must return it.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)

    When ... did the word “temperament” come into fashion with us?... whatever it stands for, it long since became a great social asset for women, and a great social excuse for men. Perhaps it came in when we discovered that artists were human beings.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)