• (verb): Destroy or damage seriously, as of someone's reputation.
    Example: "He assassinated his enemy's character"
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Assassinations In Fiction - Films - 1950s
... by Thorold Dickinson in which a plot to assassinate a European dictator goes awry, killing an innocent bystander Julius Caesar — 1953 film by Joseph L ... starring Bernhard Wicki The Plot to Assassinate Hitler (Der 20 ... comedy by Steno in which mad Roman Emperor Nero tries over and over to assassinate his mother Agrippina (Gloria Swanson), amongst others I Killed Wild Bill Hickok — 1956 ...
Assassinations In Fiction - Video Games
... are included in this game, and the endgame involves the player deciding whether to assassinate one or both of the game's vampire clan leader antagonists ... features one class, the spy, whose purpose is to assassinate other players ... a mission where the player attempts to assassinate Jedi masters ...
Manhunt (military) - Manhunting Operations in History - World War II
... planned Operation Anthropoid, a plot to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich the acting Protector of Bohemia and Moravia ... parachuted into France as part of Operation Gaff, an unsuccessful plan to assassinate Field Marshal Erwin Rommel ... British Special Operations Executive planned Operation Foxley, a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler using a sniper team ...
Constrictor (comics) - Fictional Character History
... "Schlicting" debuted in combat against the Hulk, while attempting to assassinate the Hulk's friend Jim Wilson on behalf of the Corporation ... The Corporation next sent him to assassinate Captain America the Constrictor was trapped in a cave-in of S.H.I.E.L.D ... joined with other criminal in an attempt to assassinate the hospitalized Thing ...
Bassam Abu Sharif - Conspiracy Allegations
... "Ben-Gurion gave the order to assassinate Kennedy ... agencies, like the CIA and FBI, which are fast asleep, that a plot to assassinate Obama is in motion, and that the group that will attempt to assassinate Obama consists of Yemenite Jews under the ...

More definitions of "assassinate":

  • (verb): Murder; especially of socially prominent persons.
    Example: "Anwar Sadat was assassinated because many people did not like his peace politics with Israel"

Famous quotes containing the word assassinate:

    In our brief national history we have shot four of our presidents, worried five of them to death, impeached one and hounded another out of office. And when all else fails, we hold an election and assassinate their character.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)