ASCII Media Works

ASCII Media Works

ASCII Media Works, Inc. (株式会社アスキー・メディアワークス, Kabushiki kaisha Asukī Media Wākusu?) is a Japanese publishing company in the Kadokawa Group which formed on April 1, 2008 as a result of a merger between ASCII and MediaWorks where MediaWorks legally absorbed ASCII. Despite this, the former president of ASCII, Kiyoshi Takano, became the president of ASCII Media Works. The company specializes in publishing of books, entertainment and computer magazines, manga, and video games. ASCII Media Works is known for their Dengeki (電撃?, meaning electric shock) brand magazines and book imprints which include such well-known magazines as Dengeki Daioh, and Dengeki G's Magazine, along with the company's main light novel publishing imprint Dengeki Bunko.

Most of the company caters to the Japanese male otaku crowd, covering such topics as anime, light novels, manga, plastic modelling, and visual novels, along with computing and enterprises related to information technology (IT). The company also publishes Monthly Business ASCII which is one of the oldest and most prestigious computer-oriented magazines, along with other PC and IT magazines. ASCII Media Works has also published multiple magazines targeted towards females such as Character Parfait, Dengeki Girl's Style, and Sylph, though the first two are special edition versions of other magazines. The company runs yearly contests for original novel and manga submissions, such as the light novel Dengeki Novel Prize contest.

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