Artificial Kidney

Artificial kidney is often a synonym for hemodialysis, but may also, more generally, refer to renal replacement therapies (with exclusion of renal transplantation) that are in use and/or in development. This article deals with bioengineered kidneys/bioartificial kidneys that are grown from renal cell lines/renal tissue.

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Artificial Kidney - Bioengineered Kidneys
... Currently, no viable bioengineered kidneys exist ... However, manufacturing a membrane that mimics the kidney's ability to filter blood and subsequently excrete toxins while reabsorbing water and salt would allow for a wearable and/or implantable ... systems (MEMS) technology is a limiting step in creating an implantable, bioartificial kidney ...
List Of Dutch Inventions And Discoveries - Inventions - 1943 Artificial Kidney (Hemodialysis)
... An artificial kidney is the machine and its related devices which allow to clean the blood of patients who have a temporary (acute) or an ongoing (chronic) failure of their kidneys ... The first artificial kidney was developed by Willem Johan Kolff ... called dialysis, a type of renal replacement therapy which is used to provide an artificial replacement for lost kidney function due to renal failure ...
Willem Johan Kolff - USA
... At Brigham and Women's Hospital, he developed the first production artificial kidney, the Kolff Brigham Artificial Kidney, manufactured by the Edward A ... in Boston Massachusetts, and later the Travenol Twin-Coil Artificial Kidney ... He became head of the University of Utah's Division of Artificial Organs and Institute for Biomedical Engineering in 1967, where he was involved in the development of the artificial heart ...
Robert F. Maronde - Artificial Kidney
... With their creation of an artificial kidney—it used a stainless-steel beer keg as a reservoir—they were at the forefront of medical innovation ...

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